وقل اعملوا فسيرى الله عملكم ورسوله والمؤمنون

bellow the the some completed project which have been done by your donations, we asking Allah to accept from all of you and us.

  1. cover more than 300 child orphans and vulnerable with Eid cloths in Samawa

  2. with Allah's help we started build a house of widow has 6 orphans  in Al-Qushla area in Samawa

  3. completed build a roof for two rooms and kitchen vulnerable family in Al-Dhualem area in Al-Muthana Governorate

  4. help two families to open small business  in Al-Mihaweel, Babylon

  5. built two walls for a widow in Al-Samawa alsikak area

  6. completed building lavatory and rehabilitation the house gate for vulnerable family in Samawa

  7. completed rehabilitation for two rooms and round wall for widow has three orphans in Samawa

  8. built two rooms and round wall and shower room fro widow has three girls orphans in Al-Rumeyatha

  9. completed rehabilitation for two rooms and build a shower room to widow has 5 orphans in Al-Warkaa

  10. completed build a roof and wall to widow family living in house build with mud and reeds in Al-Miseyab Bablyon

  11. completed build a house contain with two rooms and bath for widow in Al-Warka'a

  12. rebuild and rehabilitation a roof and annexes of health for family contain  from 7 persons

  13. wedding #4

  14. wedding #3

  15. wedding #2

  16. wedding #1

  17. built a roof for a man working with low daily income and has 7 kids

  18. distributed a new cloths and shoes for women and girls

  19. completed building a house for widow has 10 orphans 9 of them are girls and the little one is a boy with one year old

  20. completed building a house for widow has four girls in Samawa

  21. we completed  build a house for vulnerable family in samawa ,

  22. we completed build a roof for two rooms and press attache for a widow has two girls and one boy her husband killed by terrorist

  23. completed build a roof for two rooms for a widow has three kids

  24. completed build a room and press attache foraged women

  25. started building a house for the large family contain from three families in Agragoof Baghdad  

  26. started rehabilitation a room for two widows in Al-Mishwach area in Samawa

  27. Completed building a room and side wall for family contain from 5 persons

  28. Three new campaigns of cloth distribution, before and through Ramadan Girls, Boys, and women cloths and shoes

  29. Bought a land 200 M square to shared it for two families in Al-Khuder district and also we have the budget for build

  30. Joined in build and rehabilitation house of a widow has three orphans

  31. 18 years girl lost her hands by explosion of mine.

  32.   by a land and build a house for blind man father for 8 girls .

  33. rehabilitated  a house for a disable man has 5 kids

  34. rehabilitated a house for disable man has 6 kids ( paralysis )

  35. sharing in rehabilitation a house of widow has 8 orphans four of them are disable

  36. bought a house and support it with house equipment for widow has four orphans

  37. paid rent fees of the house for six month for six orphans their father killed by terrorist  group

  38. built a roof, Bath, and square wall for aged couple 

  39. built a room and rehabilitated the bath, and W.C for aged man has 10 kids

  40. covered a surgeries cost for some people

  41. sharing in building a house for a man lost both of legs  ( by cancer)

  42. built a house for aged man and he has ( Paralysis) father for four kids

  43. saved and protected a little girl from death ( she was suffering from malnutrition)

  44. built a roof and health sector and square wall for a family contain of parents and seven kids

  45. built a roof for a room and some rehabilitation for an disable man and father for five kids

  46. built a roof for a room and built a kitchen for a widow has three orphans

  47. distributed a cloths for two centers of disable and deaf kids

  48. distributed a cloths for vulnerable families